DAAP: Wearable Technology 2014
Skills: UX/UI, System Design

In a collaborative studio combining graphic and industrial design disciplines, I worked with Jay Jansen, Jon Riehle, and Trent Victor to create a hearing aid system. After research, interviews, and mind mapping, we noticed that hearing aids were being under utilized because they are uncomfortable, hard to adjust, and carry a stigma.

The final system, Audapt, consists of an app, wristband, and hearing aid which use Bluetooth technology to easily, discretely, and fashionably control your hearing. The app allows you to create specific presets and stream directly from your phone to the hearing aids. The wristband syncs four designated presets so you can easily adjust on the go with just a tap or swipe. Audapt is a succinct system designed to improve the lives of the hearing impaired by giving the users the control and freedom of their aid.

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