America’s Backyard

DAAP: Print Design 2014
Skills: Information Design

This infographic was created based on my own U.S. National Park experiences. The poster focuses on the parks I have been to in chronological order. The map shows an overview of all 58 National Parks and their size marked by the green circles. My 15 experiences are called out using color and line to draw your eye to additional information. You can learn about the location, history, trails, wildlife, and facts in the outer circle. Supplementary components highlight my favorite hike, Zion’s Narrows, and my dream visit, Denali Park.

The challenge was presenting a vast amount of information in a captivating way. The poster has multiple components working together creating an engaging composition to catch your eye from a distance and draw you into see the details. The visual design is a mix of the neutrals representing the park system and bright colors that reflect myself.