Roll Cincy

DAAP: Design Methodology 2014
Skills: Research, Design thinking

I worked on a team with designers Seth Gillespie and Kaitlin Kinney in a methodology studio. Through an extensive process of interviews, research, and ideation we identified the problem space, urban biking. We discovered an area of opportunity in educating both cyclists and drivers to promote a safer environment and better experience on the road.

The campaign, ‘RollCincy– same road, same rules, different ride’ targets both cyclist and motorist on the road without prejudice. In realizing the importance of tying the urban biking campaign to the city of Cincinnati, we opted to use a color palette that mirrored the existing brand for the city of Cincinnati. RollCincy is approachable and fun, yet conveys an inner rigidity pertinent to the serious nature of the safety campaign.

The end solution consisted of a poster series (targeting cyclists), bus advertisements (targeting motorists), and bumper stickers (targeting both) that drive people to the website. The website is the main resource to learn about laws, view an interactive map, and look up cycling resources.

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