DAAP: Interaction Design 2014
Skills: UX/UI, Information Design, HTML, JQUERY

Recharge is a sleep application helping you find your best rest. I started tracking my own sleep and visually represented the quality of sleep in relation to my personal energy levels. I found that my sleep and energy correlated with one another but were overall inconsistent. This lead into the concept for ReCharge, that records sleep, logs energy levels, and suggests better sleep times to help the user make effective use of the sleep they can get. The application will advise the most comfortable period of time you should go to bed or wake up, by estimating sleep cycles on 90 minutes each.

I started creating task flows to help layout key functional requirements. I wireframed and began user testing through paper prototyping. My final design uses calming colors and gradients to covey the task at hand, sleep. Pops of color help guide the user through important interactions and keep the tone friendly and full of energy.

I developed the application using html and jquery.

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